Monday, May 26, 2014

Menya Hyottoko (Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku)


Yuzu shio-ramen: 15 / 20

This tiny ramen joint is located in the underground of Yurakucho's Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan bldg, and specializes in a clear-broth ramen that you can order with additional yuzu.

Broth: A clear shio broth flavored with yuzu, sprinkled with parsil and other herbs - reminding some kind of european flavor.

Noodles: Very yellow noodles, a bit too soft for my taste.

Meat: A chashu with both firm and tender parts, including some melting fat, excellent.

Egg: Half of an OK egg.

Toppings: A few fibrous, soft and very thick menma with a mild but pleasant taste.

This was an unequal ramen, mainly interesting for the yuzu taste and the chashu. This was a pleasant experience though, and the kind of ramen that won’t damage too much your health. The location is quite unremarkable, although it is conveniently located close to Yurakucho station. Like AFURI or other light-ramen shops, this restaurant has a higher concentration of female patrons (here, on the elderly side).

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