Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hachi (Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku) (CLOSED)

麺処 hachi
めんどころ はち

Niboshi ramen: 16 / 20

Hachi serves a niboshi ramen, a shoyu ramen and a tomato ramen that exists in various declinations (including a surprising niboshi tomato ramen). I ordered the niboshi ramen, to end my stay in Tokyo as I had started it at Nagi a few days earlier.

Broth: A powerful niboshi broth (do non-powerful niboshi exist? I start to wonder about that), slightly too salty and fat, but good though.

Noodles: A bit flat and chewy.

Meat: Three very different slices of meat: a relatively lean, firm chashu with a slight herbal/braised taste; a fattier chashu (too fat for me, actually); and a good slice of chicken. Interesting combination.

Toppings: Irregular, long and slightly thick menma with a mild taste, a sheet of nori, and some komatsuna in the broth.

This was a sophisticated bowl. Not perfect, and I would rate it slightly less than Oozaki (and definitely than Nagi), but a strong contender though. Really worth trying.

More information on ramendb.

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UPDATE: Too bad, if I believe ramendb, it has now closed. Wish I had tried their tomato-niboshi ramen...

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