Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kinguemon (Osaka, Kita-ku)


Rating: 17 / 20

This award-winning ramen chain specializes in “black ramen”, a deeply colored shoyu ramen, which I ordered with thick noodles, the shop’s recommendation.

Broth: An intense, inspiring taste of shoyu. I am generally not a big fan of shoyu ramen, but this broth is one of the best shoyu I've ever tasted.

Noodles: Good katame linguine-shaped noodles.

Meat: One thick slice of excellent chashu, with just what it should have of mouth-melting fat. One of the best chashu you will find around!

Egg: The egg is good, but has a quite mild taste, and is cooked a bit irregulaly: some parts of the yellow are perfectly gooey, whereas other parts are overcooked.

Toppings: Some negi, and two crunchy, thick menma. You can also crush some fresh garlic in the soup; although it does not blend as well as in e.g. a tonkotsu ramen, it is not bad.

Overall, this was a very good ramen, and surely the best shoyu ramen I’ve eaten in Osaka so far. In my memory, it was better than Kyoto station's Toyama black, although I should try both of them on the same day sometimes to be sure. Definitely recommended.

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(this is a chain, so you can find quite a few other Kinguemon restaurants in Kansai)

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