Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shunmen Shirohachi (Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku)


Shio ramen: 17 / 20

I continued in my shio-ramen hunt. Supleks brought me to this pleasant restaurant with a very large counter.

Broth: A stronger taste than for most shio, with maybe some herbal notes?

Noodles: Paler and with a lighter taste than the usual one.

Meat: A good, thin slice of chashu, very tender, with again some herbal taste.

Egg: Two halves of a wonderful egg - a yummy, powerful yolk, while the white had a very distinctive salty taste. Divine!

Toppings: Quite interesting and unusual toppings: a couple of pieces of daikon, some thin seaweed threads with an interesting taste and consistency, and some green leafs (komatsuna I think, and maybe something else).

So many delicious shio-ramen during this Tokyo-stay! This one is wonderful too. Compared to Hyottoko and Ginzasa, it had the most interesting toppings - and its egg is hands down the winner. The broth was good, but it was maybe slightly tastier in Hyottoko. Finally, the noodles and especially the chashu were better at Ginzasa. Make your own choice.

More information on ramendb.

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