Friday, October 10, 2014

Miharu (Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku)

らーめん 瞠 (恵比寿店)
らーめん みはる
Ramen Miharu

Abura soba: 16 / 20

This ramen place has quite a variety of different dishes. They used to feature an ebi (shrimp)-tsukemen which I would have loved to compare with Gominokami Seisakujo, but this dish is not anymore on the menu. I went with the abura soba (soupless noodles with an oily sauce), having not eaten so many of them in the past.

Noodles: High quality noodles, firm and curly, that fit very pleasantly with the vinegary sauce.

Meat: A few bits of very fat meat cut in long slices - you might want to cut them in two (and of course to mix them vigorously with all the rest, as it should be in abura soba), to dilute these concentrated bits of fatness in the rest of the bowl.

Egg: A well-cooked ajitama, on the firm side, but gooey enough to my taste.

Toppings: Some katsuoboshi, green and white negi (a bit too much of the white one, to my taste); some menma cut in cubes - very soft and very mild; and a sheet of nori. You can also help yourself in garlic tabasco, pepper and spices.

Everything is quite good here, but it lacks a little bit of something special to pass over the 16-grade wall. Actually I saw when leaving the shop that you can order the abura soba with mayo - maybe that would be the touch that could push it to a 17? I guess I’ll have to come back to try it some day. There are worse duties in the world.

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