Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ikaruga (Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku)

九段 斑鳩
くだん いかるが

Abura soba: 17 / 20

***UPDATE: The shop has moved.***

I had been already a couple of times at Ikaruga to try their very unique, creamy - and delicious! - tonkotsu ramen, but my memories of their abura soba dated from my last meal in Tokyo before leaving the country four years earlier. With quite a few more ramen under my belt, I was curious to try it again. You can order it in varying degrees of garlic content – out of compassion for my friends around, I chose the lowest one.

Noodles: An interesting mix of thin and thicker noodles, I’ve never seen such a combination anywhere else. The katame, thicker noodles are kind of coated under the softer, thinner one, a really nice find!

Meat: A few bits of meat, nothing special.

Egg: You get served an ontama with parmesan to mix in your noodles, for the carbonara experience.

Topping: A few bits of salad and negi, as well as some very pleasant crunchy croutons. As usual, you can add as much vinegar as you want.

This is a very essentialized abura soba, one of the most carbonara-like I ever tasted – but a very convincing one, as well as quite original with the dual-noodles system. If you like abura soba, you have to try this. As a note, this is also a very pleasant place, with a very restaurant-like atmosphere, ideal for a date (except for the garlic content of the abura soba!).

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