Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shunnosuke (Osaka-fu, Toyonaka-shi)


Hyashi tantanmen: 16 / 20

This restaurant close to Shonai station on Takarazuka line specializes in a variety of chicken-based soup. I was ready to order one of them to challenge my natural lack of interests for chicken-ramen, but then realized that they were also serving a cold tantanmen. I love tantanmen, I love reimen, I had to try this.

Sauce: No real broth, but a white tantanmen sauce with a light but subtle taste.

Noodles: Perfectly cooked, katame in a kind-of-elastic-but-oh-so-pleasant way.

Meat: As usual for tantanmen, there was some ground meat, but this one had an interesting braised after-taste. On top of that, there were two slices of firm chashu. They had the same nice braised after-taste - but otherwise kind of bland (like some average cold roastbeef?), and a part that was way too fat.

Egg: A raw egg topped the whole thing. Mixing it to the sauce it made it pleasantly thicker.

Toppings: A little bit of salad.

I would have given it a 17 without the two relatively uninteresting slices of meat (the ground meat was far enough). It is a very good ramen though; if you like tantanmen and don’t mind raw egg, it is really worth trying.

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