Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ishimanji (Osaka-fu, Toyonaka-shi)


Reimen: 16 / 20

Back to my favorite ramen-shop in Toyonaka! This time, I tried their seasonal reimen.

Broth: Fresh and intense katsuo shoyu broth with sesame oil. Succulent.

Noodles: Yellow and curly, with the perfect elasticity a reimen should have.

Meat: Some thin, overcooked chashu, with little taste - not sure they bring so much to the dish.

Egg: Half a hard-boiled egg, kind of better than your usually reimen-half-egg, but not exceptional either.

Toppings: A lot of bean sprouts; some mild, thin menma; a couple of slices of lime that brought some bitterness; a few chilii stripes.

This broth was, again, excellent, although maybe not as shining as at the recently tested Tensonkourin. Reimen is starting to turn into one of my favorites, too bad summer will end!

More info on tablelog.

UPDATE 2014/09/08

Just before I was leaving Japane for a few weeks, knowing that when I would come back, the reimen season would be over, I came back to eat this reimen; except that this time, I asked them to remove the meat and egg, which did not bring anything to the dish. The result:

It was as good, if not better, than the former one. A strategy I will keep in mind when I know that the meat and eggs don't bring anything.

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