Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rakkan (Tokyo, Meguro-ku)

楽観 (武蔵小山店)

Palu ramen: 16 / 20

This ramen shop would deserve to be better known. Five minutes away from Musashikoyama station (two stops west from Meguro), it features both a shoyu and shio ramen with evocative names. I chosed the shio - aka 'pale' (palu) - ramen.

Broth: A surprisingly sweet shio broth, sprinkled by many bits of white negi - the harmony with the both was really interesting.

Noodles: Very well cooked, katame noodles.

Meat: A robust, thick, very lean slice of meat. Very tasty, although a little bit of melting fat inside would not have been unpleasant.

Toppings: Thin, very salty menma, with the kind of taste you would find in preserved food. And as I said, an ocean of negi - never seen so much negi in a ramen before!

The restaurant also feature a special version of each ramen, with more meat and an egg, but frankly speaking, the slice of meat was already quite big and more than enough for anyone in a non-suicidal mood. Finally, you can get the oomori (bigger) version for free at lunch - I sticked with the namamori (regular size) though, I eat enough ramen already!

Anyway, it was overall a very original and tasty ramen. I even hesitated to give it a 17, but halfway into the bowl, the strength of ‘neginess’ becomes a bit too pronounced to my taste. However, if you’re a fan of raw onion, then you should not hesitate, run there!

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