Friday, June 13, 2014

Ishimanji (Osaka-fu, Toyonaka-shi)


Black tonkotsu ramen: 18 / 20

For some reason, you won’t find this ramen place on ramendb. I cannot explain that, as it is located in the big commercial center of Senri Chuo, amongst plenty of other restaurants. And it’s good, very good. I went there several time and tried most if not all all of their recipes (they have 5 or 6 different styles), but this review will be about one of my favorite, the black tonkotsu.

Broth: A relatively assari tonkotsu with some black sesame juice, extremely pleasant and tasty, flavored with good dry garlic (yes, I said 'good' one – most of the dry garlic around does not taste good, but this one is an exception)

Noodles: Thin, straight, barikata (at least if you order them so). What else?

Chashu: Two slices of an absolutely delicious chashu, slightly braised, alternating firm lean part with melting fat.

Toppings:  Crunchy soy sprouts, kikurage, red chili stripes. Also, two menma - one large and one thick -  both a bit sweet and quite tasty.

I’m probably biased here: this is exactly the kind of assari tonkotsu broth that I love, very Ippudo-like. Combined with great chashu, this is not far from perfection to me. I should try again the egg some day, to see how it fares. This is your best ramen choice if you are in Senri Chuo, and an excellent one in northern Osaka.

UPDATE (2015): Finally, it can be found on ramendb!

More information on tabelog.

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